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Your whole home in a single app

Control, Secure, Automate, Conserve Energy & Enhance your home all within a single app.

Easily control any television or listen to your favorite music in your home, change your comfort levels in any room, or automate the lighting & shades to adjust based on daylight. 

Lock doors, view security cameras, or converse with people at your gate.

All from a single, intuitive app.



Your home's lighting and shades, control manually or use advanced logic to automatically adjust intensity and color temperature to support a healthy sleep and wake cycle.


Adjust the thermostat remotely in any room so you'll be comfortable when you get home. Schedule shades to close at mid-day for effortless energy efficiency. 


Distributed AV throughout your home. Cable, Blu Ray, or your favorite streaming service like Netflix or HBO Max.

Stream your Spotify or listen to your record collection in any room. Ideal for both casual listeners and avid audiophiles.


Enhance your home's security system. Get notifications sent directly to your mobile device. Lock and unlock doors remotely. Know instantly when a door or window has been opened. 


Single Push Scenes

Create and edit scenes effortlessly.

When you're entertaining outside, just tap your "Cocktail Hour" scene to stream a playlist to the patio and fade up your pool lights as day turns to night.

Set a simple "Goodnight" Scene you can send from your bed that will turn off all the lights in your home and adjust the temperature for a comfortable night's sleep.

Father and Son Taking a Nap
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Smart Spaces

Turn your living space into smart space with voice control or passive infrared technologies.

Using natural language to tell your home theater "movie time" to automatically adjust the lights, draw the shades and turn your television on to your favorite streaming app.

Walk casually through your home at night, your path automatically illuminating with a soft glow, without fumbling for light switches.

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