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What is Savant?

Enhance what you love most about your home with a seamless automation experience. Savant brings luxury and personalization to the tech novice and beyond.


In your Savant Home, it's never too bright and never too dark.


Control any light in the house from wherever you are.

Save energy by setting your system to turn off lights in empty rooms.

Schedule outdoor lights to turn on and welcome you home after work.

Tap "Goodnight" to turn off your Savant Home with a touch.


It’s nice to live comfortably—and your Savant Home does the work so you don’t have to.


Adjust the thermostat remotely so you'll be comfortable when you get home.

Schedule shades to close at mid-day for effortless energy efficiency.

Set specific temperatures in different rooms to keep the whole family happy.

Keep an eye on your vacation home with alerts about extreme cold or humidity.


Whether you’re dining with friends or spending time with family, Savant lets you entertain with a touch.

Sonos White.jpg

Customize a Sonos playlist to match the mood in any room.

Stream HD video from Netflix, Apple TV, Hulu, and more—there's always something on.

Tap "Movie Night" to dim the lights, turn on the projector, and automatically recline your seats.

Watch up to nine things at once on the big screen through our TrueControl App.


With whole-house distribution and lossless audio compatibility, Savant Music is ideal for both casual listeners and avid audiophiles.


Two and five-stream media servers let you simultaneously play different music in multiple rooms.

Airplay Light Grey.png

Airplay audio throughout your house, direct from your phone to a Savant media server.

Browse music in your favorite streaming services without leaving the Savant Pro App.

Savant Music icon.png

Add music from any service to a Savant scene and ensure the mood is just the way you want.

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